Sunday, December 30, 2007


This was the first Christmas that we had no where to go on Christmas Day! The girls are at such a fun age and we enjoyed all the holiday fun stuff. They were most amazed at the overflowing stockings and the notes Santa left on each present. After opening presents, I made breakfast (not normal) which they called the Christmas Special and we stayed in our pajamas.
Milk and cookies for Santa (Beach Barbie helped)
Barbie the Island Princess
Regan and her stocking

Jesus' Birthday Cake

This year we made a birthday cake for Jesus. The girls had so much fun putting on their cooker hats and aprons. However, once the cake was done...I ate whole thing. Seriously.

Pajama Party!

This year with my family we decided to all wear pajamas like we had just woken up on Christmas morning. I am trying not to overload you with pictures because I have taken 328 since I got my camera. So here are a few of Christmas with the Highs!

Papa Wray
Papa Wray reading the Christmas Story
Riley's new rain boots
Regan's new rain boots
My brother (Uncle Bubby) has the best conversations with the girls. He is so funny talking to them and they giggle the whole time they are with him. Thanks Gigi and Papa for a great Christmas!

My Present from Jason

I have to be careful to tell Jason what I want for my gift because he is a big spender. However, this year I relaxed my penny pinching ways and let him go crazy. And he did! I got a NEW CAMERA! I am so excited and drove my family crazy for 2 days with it. Here are some of my first shots as I practiced. I know nothing about photography.

Christmas with Jason's Family

We began our Christmas with Nana and Papa in Caraway. We had a great time and the girls love their princess computer!
Christmas #2 was with Susu and Pop and Jason's uncle Phil, Kristen, Jordan and Noah. As you can see Susu and Pop got the girls a new pink Barbie Mustang! They go to Target and Wal-Mart many times a day. They also honk at people and tell them to get out of the way (oops). They were very disappointed when I had to explain that they couldn't get on the road and go anywhere. They also play their new Jump Start Kindergarten every day! Thanks Susu and Pop!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Making the Christmas card

Every year I take a picture myself and make a card at Wal-Mart. It gets a little easier to take the picture as they get older, but his year they were hilarious! By the end I am sweating and hate my camera.
For some reason they pinched each others nose and just laughed and laughed.

They wanted to do a silly picture so I just started taking as many pictures as possible as quickly as I could.
I finally got THIS! Although it is blurry, I used it anyway because it is so cute!

Santa Claus is coming to....Springdale?

Jason's uncle Phil was Santa Claus for Halloween this year. We didn't get a chance to see him so when we went to their house he dressed up for us. I could not stop laughing the whole time because the girls had NO CLUE it was him! He even left out the front door like he was leaving the house and came back in through the garage. But when we left, all they could talk about was their dog Jasper. We made Jasper very hyper and he kept stealing Riley's house shoe and running around like crazy. We are going to their house tonight for Christmas and the first thing they said was, "Maybe Jasper could be there."

A B C D E F G ......

I get my old teaching stuff out of the garage for the girls and they love it! One day I walked into the kitchen and Riley said, "How do you make Q?". So I went over to see what she was doing and she had written her alphabet! If you look close you can see all the letters! She even kept them in order, but when she ran out of room she would just find a new spot. I am so proud!

Wo-o-o-o-o-o PIG SOOIE!

We took the girls to their first Razorback game ever and they LOVED it! They got to dress up which made it much more exciting. This was about 3 weeks ago so I am a little behind and trying to catch up!!!
Riley began posing like this and I finally asked her where she learned it. She said, "Ariel does this on Little Mermaid". She loves the camera!
Regan LOVES to dress up!! She would wear princess clothes or a cowboy hat and boots everywhere. She was ready for the game early and had her pom poms and lip gloss on. At the game she was so funny. Every time the crowd would cheer, she would say, "We're the winner?" or "We won?" She liked the game, but was more interested in the arena. She asked about the lights, the flags, what that boy was doing up there (scaffolding) and how do you get up there? (balcony). She notices everything. She loves Sue E Pig and Pork Chop and hugged (and hugged and hugged) them.
Riley asked about the rules of the game and was seriouly trying to "get it". She would yell "Two points!" every time we would score. She also watched the cheerleaders and band and followed their every move during time outs. She was really excited to meet Pork Chop and Sue E. Pig and danced with them.
We had so much fun and can't wait to go back! Thanks Susu and Pop and Phil and Kristen for the tickets!