Friday, April 18, 2008

Flying Kites

Although I dropped my camera at Holly's shower and killed my flash :(, I got some really great pictures flying our new kites.
Regan wants her kite to go up as high as possible and flies it about 4 times a day.
Riley wants her kite as close as possible and is scared it will get away. She flies it about 5 minutes a day.

Holly's Shower

My sister is having a baby boy and her shower was last Saturday. She got the cutest stuff and A LOT of it! She will have to change his clothes 5 times a day to get him in all the clothes before he outgrows them. It was a great shower.

Kari, Trish and Christie you did a GREAT job!

Our mom, Holly and Jason's mom Connie
The Girls: Kari Beth, Holly, Whitney, and Me
The girls are not quite sure about Parker yet. Riley would not touch Holly's stomach for the picture and it has taken her until now for me to get her to feel him kick. They are SO excited for him to be here and will LOVE to have a little cousin, but as long as he is in Holly's stomach they are having nothing to do with it. This picture cracked me up! The girls have so much fun with Zander and were so excited he came to play with them. I have been working on their "pretty smile" and it worked pretty good this time.
Okay, if you didn't believe me before here's proof of all the goods!
Please pray for Holly, Jason and baby Parker! He will be here in 18 days or less!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Naturals Opening Night

Last night we went to the Arkansas Naturals opening home game. Luckily we were in a box so that the girls could run around. We all had a great time.
Appetizers as we watch the warm ups
The view from the box.
Team mascot "Strike" who is a sasquatch (!?!) and Regan named him the Squash Man.
Gov. Mike Beebe
Aunt DeeDee making the game much more exciting.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Silver Dollar City

First of all, Riley lost her THIRD tooth! If you look closely at the picture you can see that the bottom tooth is all alone in the middle. Hilarious!

We went to Branson last weekend and had such a great time! Jason has been working so much lately and really needed to get away. We spent 2 days at Silver Dollar City and went swimming as much as possible.

Below are the newest Spring fashion trends in swim wear! Lately we have had many fashion shows where I hang up the same clothes over and over all day long! See if you can guess who is into the posing more........
They loved swimming! By the end of last summer they were swimming great, but I was thinking it might take them awhile to get the hang of it again. They surprised me by swimming all over the pool and even underwater. By the second day they didn't even wear their armies!
We always pet the goats and rabbits. It is a great resting time after all the rides.

I just had to throw in this picture of Riley running so fast!

This is their new favorite ride! Regan will ride anything, but Riley a little more cautious. She actually liked it!

Finally we're all smiling!
So cute!
Daddy and Regan on her other favorite ride. She giggles the whole time!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter 2008

Behind again....For those of you giving me a hard time (Holly and Kari), here are the new pictures.
The girls loved Easter. They both know the ENTIRE Easter story and really understood the point of Easter Sunday. We have the Resurrection eggs (see Wilson's Blog) and it helped them understand why we celebrate. As we drive now Regan will be looking up at the sky and say, "Jesus died so we could go to Heaven". They ask a lot of questions now about how to get to Heaven and then how to get back again.
One of us all together!
Pop and Susu with our family at Granite City.
My parents Papa Wray and Gigi with us as well.
I love this picture! Why are there no smiles in a picture with me?!?!?
Can you tell who she looks like? Hmmmmmm.....

Okay, so there were NO good pictures of me with the girls. It happens every holiday, birthday, etc. Jason never gets a good picture. EVER! I don't really have the time to notice before we leave. I also realized I didn't get a good picture of the girls by themselves in their dress. Oh, well.
Here's Aunt DeeDee leading the way on the Easter egg hunt.
In my family we still use the same Easter basket from when we were little. As we each get married my mom adds a new one to the bunch. Jason was so excited to that the Easter bunny still found his basket.