Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back for More

This was from our family's first trip to the beach. She still strikes this pose daily! We can't get her to stop.

I guess she had to learn that pose somewhere. She is dressed up (another daily). Unfortunately I am not. I really wore those clothes.

Whitney was always with the animals. She would spend HOURS outside with the dogs, cats, rabbit, name it.

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! I have had this picture in my possession since it was taken 17 years ago. She is coming down the McDonald's slide at her 5th birthday party.

Don't know how old. But always had the curl on top!

I would constantly dress Whitney up and make her pose for photos. I am not really sure what is going on here, but she went right along with my plan.

Someday I will actually scan pictures. I am really looking forward to Mom's birthday next. I have found the BEST pictures from when we were little. Whitney, don't let mom hide any of the photos we found.

Today is the best lazy day ever. I am still in my pajamas and plan on doing nothing (except clean). Since the girls are all well (thank the LORD) I am planning on finishing the sweater I am knitting for my niece who is being born on Tuesday. I just wish I could stop snacking.

Peanut is 22!

Today is my littlest sister's birthday! (Well it's after midnight so her birthday is the 27th.) Anyway, since we have just moved my printer/scanner is not hooked up and all my old pics I am just trying to take pictures of them with my camera, but it's too dark. So, don't worry I will upload all of my "old school" pictures of Whitney tomorrow. Don't miss it.

Happy Birthday little sis! You are a great sister and aunt. Hope you had a great day (and no one had TOO much fun after I left).

Stay tuned. You don't want to miss what I found.............:)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Old School

I couldn't resist!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today Jason joins me in the 30's! Whooo-Hooo!
Jason is a great dad, husband and boss. He works very hard for all of his girls and we are very grateful for him!

Hope you have a great 30th birthday Jason! I love you!

Monday, February 23, 2009


This blog was initially intended just for family who live far away to keep up with Regan and Riley. It has slowly become a way to keep up with others and even those I don't know, HA! I am going to take advantage of all you blog stalkers out there. You know who you are! Please read about my sweet friend Carissa and join me in prayer for her and her family:

Before we moved, Carissa lived right across the street from us. We got to know each other better as our daughters got big enough to play together. She is a great mom and has the cutest little girl Kaitlyn who my girls LOVE to play with. She is expecting another little girl in May who she is naming Avery. Over the last few months she has gone through quite a lot with little Avery. In the ultrasound they found a problem that they wanted to check closer. They found that Avery has a hernia in her diaphragm that has allowed her stomach to push up into the chest cavity. That caused concern about the heart's development so the ran more tests last week. The doctors found a heart defect that will require surgery as well as the hernia and is very serious.

PLEASE PRAY FOR CARISSA AND BABY AVERY! They will be going to Children's every month to meet with different Dr's and the surgeons. She knows she will deliver there at Children's and will be there for quite a while. She has told me that finding out people are praying for her is something that really encourages her. Please tell your church groups, family members and friends to pray with us! Feel free to leave messages for her here!

Regan, Kaitlyn, and Riley BFF's!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday the 13th

(Before anyone gets worried Riley is just fine now.)
Friday night Riley started throwing up about 9:30PM. No big deal. About 10:30 she was STILL throwing up and starting to act a little listless. By this time I sent Jason upstairs to go to bed with Regan because I knew I would need to watch Riley anyway. I started noticing blood in the trash can and panicked a little! I called the ER and they said to bring her in. So at 11PM, we arrive and I was so rattled I couldn't remember their birthday. She was sitting in my lap throwing up as I filled out all the paperwork and did all the insurance stuff.

We got into a room where a nurse had to wake her up (pitiful!) to take blood and give her IV. Riley did not even look at the nurse for either needle which made them even more concerned. In the end she was very dehydrated and broken blood vessels in her esophagus caused the bleeding. We got home about 3:30AM.

However, today Regan has fever! Crazy!

I am still working A LOT on our house. Last week I painted the Study and am working on ordering the furniture for that room. Target has the cutest printed chairs on their website! Speaking of Target, their Home sale last week was AMAZING!!! I bought 6 shower curtains for my 2 bathrooms that need them. Ha! It was hard not to buy things that I might need sometime. After all I bought I am kind of hoping I find something to return to make myself feel better.

I have a furniture order coming in today for the Living room and Kitchen. It is slowly coming together!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. We opted to cancel our dinner reservations after our late night adventure in the ER. We picked up sushi and watched Survivor that was DVRed from Thursday.(please go home Sandy) That is actually my favorite kind of "date".