Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are you ready for....

Hannah Montana!!!!!

Well, I finally took the girls and it was so worth it! It was actually a very cute movie. I was pleasantly surprised. The show is a little much for me to handle so I thought the movie would be the same. I was wrong! When Regan had to go to the bathroom I talked her into waiting so I could find out if Hannah was really going to tell everyone she was Miley. Such drama! You may have to go see the movie to find out!

We sang all the songs out loud because only 5 other people there. Since we've had the soundtrack for a few weeks it made them so excited and they would say, "That's number 5!" or "It's Taylor Swift and it's called Crazier". So funny! Then we came home to the soundtrack blasted on the karaoke machine until 9PM. Breaks only for dinner and bath. Our empty room upstairs has been named the karaoke room since it's the only thing in the room right now. :)

The girls are continuing to chose their outfits quite well. I must say they look pretty darn cute in their Hannah shirts. The best thing is to see how COMPLETELY different their choices are when they are all ready to go. Riley insisted on the boots and braids. I will admit that at first she chose jeans and I suggested the skirt to show the boots off better. Regan also added the boogie board to her shoot just for a dramatic statement.

I took these pictures as we left for our girls day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Singin' and Dancin'

Whew! Last week was crazy! I am a BIG homebody so not being home much just makes me tired! Sad, I know. Last Sunday night the girls sang with the FBC Springdale Children's Choir. They were so excited to be on stage and wanted everyone to watch them. This is the first year they participated in choir and they really enjoyed it.

I went and took pictures before they sang, but I don't have any of them actually singing. I had the video camera and just assumed the camera Jason had was OURS, but it was not so I have no singing pics. Oh well!

Daddy's girl.

Then last Friday was their dance recital! They were SO excited to wear makeup. They asked me all day if it was time for make up! It was so cute and a little scary at the same time. I have never put make up on them like this and they look so big!

The girls with their friend Macy. They have choir, dance and gymnastics with Macy and they just giggle the whole time they are together. It's very cute.

Flowers from Daddy for such a great job!

Friday, April 17, 2009

More of the same...

Just needed to finish Easter photos and add a little more to catch up!

Here are the girls ready to dye eggs! So excited!

Working hard...serious business.

Both of them were so proud! I didn't take pictures of the glitter eggs because they had run off as soon as they were done and I was cleaning up the glitter.

Easter morning in our Spongebob pajamas! The girls got 5 Easter baskets and lots and lots of goodies in each. Their favorite thing was hunting for eggs the Easter bunny had hidden throughout the house. They were running around screaming every time one of them found one. They were very cute! The night before we put an empty basket out for the Easter bunny to fill complete with the exact same eggs so that we could know that they each had the exact same things. Riley was concerned that she would find a pink one and Regan might not have a pink one..... and on and on.

Easter morning photo with Daddy. Okay, the pictures of me with the girls were so unflattering that I could not post them. I will keep them on the computer, but they are not for anyone else to see, ever.

Today at the mall the girls were just being silly and posing for the camera. They are both wearing their new headbands they picked out yesterday.

Parker was too busy eating his apple to pose, but he is still the cutest baby ever! And he loves his Aunt Coco!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Planning for Disney

Jason and I are planning a trip to Disney World in June! Neither of us has been and it is a little overwhelming when you don't know what it is like! Anyone who has been please give us any tips about the best places to stay and eat. We are deciding between the Contemporary, Animal Kingdom or one of the value resorts if it's not worth the $$ to stay at a Deluxe. That's why we need your help. Other questions we have are about the dining plan. Did you do it? Which one and was it worth it? I called and talked to a Disney agent today and all we need to do is finalize where we are staying and which meal plan we want. So HELP US! Thanks!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Beauties

Since tomorrow will be rainy (ugh!) I thought I would take advantage of today's weather for pictures! They were SO into posing and dancing in their dresses. I will have to put more of their inventive poses up because even Regan got into it! We are now dyeing Easter eggs and making sugar cookies to decorate. I will post pictures of all that later. Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank You Nana and Papa!

We came home from dance today to find a package from Nana and Papa on the doorstep! The girls LOVED their Easter baskets. Thank You!

As I rambled about last night, we had our big day at kindergarten. The meeting went well and the girls seemed comfortable there. They said the questions were "easy" and they knew all the answers. Ha! I am just glad they talked. After their test was over they came into the principal's office with us and Riley wouldn't answer any of Mrs. Foley's questions. She had her feet up on the couch with a skirt on and rolled around in Jason's lap. I was so embarrassed. We talked about them being together or separated and I told her either way was okay because they don't depend on each other but also wouldn't keep each other from developing either. She won't place until August so I will pray until then.

On the way to our new school!

Regan posed in the kindergarten hallway for me. Riley,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Ahhh! Tomorrow is the big day! We have our family interview and the girls do their kindergarten testing! I am scared and nervous. Imagine how bad I will be the first day of school. Eeeek! Yesterday I took the girls on a "Mommy guided" tour of their school so when they show up for testing they at least are familiar with the place. They were sick on the meet the kindergarten teachers day. Regan was SO excited. Riley was too, but she would never admit it. I have really been talking about starting school and beginning lots of sentences with, "Next year when you are in school......" just to start the mental preparations. I am nervous about the being in the same classroom or not conversation. I am also worried they will be nervous in the testing process and not show their true genius! They are still 4 so I feel like they are a little young and may be shy. Obviously I am worried and nervous.....

I couldn't post without a picture so this is from last weekend in Branson. I will post with more pictures later! Kindergarten has taken over my brain!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mom's Birthday (no old school, sorry Kari)

I haven't had a chance to get my "old school" pics of mom together. I have so many good ones and need time to get them together! But I don't want to get behind so here's the birthday post. Last Thursday we surprised mom by all showing up at the restaurant my dad was taking her to and then to Holly's for cupcakes. So Happy Birthday Mom. We all love you! Most people think our Mom is one of us sister's and someone actually asked me once if Regan was hers and Riley was mine! Hope it's genetic and I got the gene.

As you see above Parker is such a stud, always dressed well. Future best dressed of 2026. Watch Out!

I continue to let the girls dress themselves in whatever they come out their room with and here it is! Riley's birthday outfit consisted of 2 shirts, a skirt over a pair of pants. Regan is wearing her "fighting clothes". We play Zelda Wii around here and she is completely obsessed. She must always be dressed as Link (main character) in her green shirt, brown pants, and boots. She also has a sword she puts down the back of her shirt as her sheath and rides her stick horse around. As Holly always says, it totally fits.

This photo is what was happening when we were leaving Holly's house that night. Aaron licked the icing off of a cupcake so Holly smashed it in his face. We left as he chased her around.

I know it is shocking that I have posted twice in one day! Amazing! Since Jason decided we should go to Branson (Friday night at 6pm!) and Easter is right around the corner I knew I couldn't be behind.

Target Photos as promised

Per Riley's request here are the much anticipated Target shots. Regan had the idea to sit on the bullseye to add a little creativity to our shoot! Sorry grandparents that it took me awhile. Enjoy!