Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best Friends

Today as we made our way around the new Target (again), Regan asked me the sweetest question. She said, "Mommy, did God give you two babies in your tummy so we could be best friends?"

I pray every day that they will continue to be the best friends they are now. At 4 they are SO into playing and get along so well. Sometimes in the mornings they won't even come down until lunch! Except for today when I heard, "Hey Mom! I'm hungry and bring it up here!"

P.S. - The girls requested photos taken outside the new Target because when we were in Florida last summer they WOULD NOT let me take their picture at the new Target there and they wanted to make up for it! Then after I said I had my camera Riley told me to put in on the computer and send it to all the people I know. I am dead serious that they actually remembered and requested all of that. I haven't uploaded those but I was afraid to forget the sweet question Regan asked me and had to get it in writing! The target photo op is coming up. Don't miss it! Riley might have her feelings hurt if you miss out :( Ha!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for being a great dad and a fun Papa! We love you very much! My pictures are in a weird order but I am sure you will still enjoy. There is a mullet involved, has to be fun!

This is the mullet. It is a close up from the family pic below! Wow.

Family pic. 1982. I was 3 Aaron was 11 mos.

Familly pic 1987. Me 8, Aaron 6, Holly 4, Whit few months old

I am not sure of the years on all of these. We laughed so hard looking at pictures tonight and I got many threats from others about what I may do on their birthday. Like I mentioned before, I already found THE BEST pictures for my Mom's birthday. She's next!

We love you Papa Wray!
Please excuse my dirty children. I fixed their hair about 7 hours before this was taken and they had a popsicle, hamburger, chili, and chocolate cake. Still cute though!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Yeah! We are back out in the world! It seems like we have been sick FOREVER! The girls were so happy to get out and play today and so I snapped a few cute shots. For the record, I did not prompt any poses.

I told Jason the other day that he will have to have his guns ready because we have some cuties! Ha!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lillian Blessing West

Lillian was born this morning a healthy 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 inches long. Everyone is healthy! She looks like her mom (so did her big brother and sister) and the girls are DYING to see her. Hopefully we will be able to go at the end of this week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Missing Out :(

Well, I am stuck here again with sick kiddos. The weather has been so great and we haven't enjoyed it beyond the fresh air coming in the windows. Hopefully this weather will stay around!

I have missed out on SO MUCH since the girls are sick. Since Jason works so far from home getting out in the evenings isn't really an option by the time he gets home. I have yet to experience the greatness of our NEW TARGET! I was so pumped up to go too!

I have also seriously missed out on the cuteness of this little guy. Don't you just want to kiss his little cheeks?

Tomorrow is also a big day in Jason's family! Tomorrow is SuSu's Brithday! Happy Birthday SuSu. We love you! Jason is with his parents in Jonesboro for our niece to be born. I mentioned before that my sister in law was going in last Tuesday but they postponed everything until tomorrow. So Happy Birthday to Lillian Blessing West as well! We are sad to not be there but think your mom will appreciate our germs being very far away. :) I will post pictures as soon as Jason sends them.

This pic was from Jason's 30th birthday dinner with his family. Riley loves that hat because she feels it makes her look more like Miley. Regan's mouth looks weird due to chocolate icing.

Riley's hat makes me think of a new process we are going through around here. Moms of same sex twins face the dilemma of dressing identical, similar, or not at all alike. Sounds silly, I know. I have never dressed the girls identical. I have always gotten the same outfits in different patterns or colors or whatever. I also have always just picked out their clothes for the day and they never really cared. Since the girls are so independent I thought I should just start letting them pick out their own clothes from now on. I thought it would be so easy. Here is how it goes when I ask "So what so you want to wear?":

Regan: I want a black turtle neck, brown pants, and a pink belt. Hmmmmm......
After explaining matching she agrees and we move on.

Riley: A pink dress
Me: Do you want leggings or tights?
Riley: Nothing
Me: It's too cold for this without either one.
Riley: Okay then I want that (shirt).
Me: Okay, what pants.
Riley: A skirt.
Me: Which one
Riley: Pink.
Me: I don't have a pink skirt.
Riley: Remember last summer the one...
Me: That's too small.
Riley: Where is it?
Me: With your clothes that are too small.
Riley: How about you find it and I try it and see.
Me: If you wear a skirt you will still have to pick leggings or tights.
Riley: But I don't want those!

Okay you get the point. I told Jason I never thought it would cause such issues! Honestly neither one of them really care what they wear but I thought it would be healthy to start developing independent identities. Even if it is just what they wear.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Design Style

I took this design style quiz on Kari Beth's Blog. It's too funny because it really is my style:
I think I was 60% Contemporary, 30% Vintage Chic, and 10% Rustic Revival.


So fresh and clean! Antiques? No thanks! Vintage collections and clutter of any type? Not for you! You like your space new and sleek. Each piece is chosen carefully as though it were a piece of art, and your love of minimalism is expressed throughout each room. Furniture has clean lines and geometric shapes are preferred.

You're not afraid of color — in fact, bold color options only highlight the minimal items you choose for your home. But the key is clean. To master the minimalist interior you not only have to be selective in the few furniture items you bring into the space, you must also find a way to hide all of the real-life items as well.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

House for Sale!

We FINALLY got our old house listed! Yeah! Now somebody needs to move in! It's all ready to go. The MLS# is 569000. Our real estate agent is Martin Brooks with Crye Leike. There are lots of pictures on their website. I will answer any questions here if you are interested.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My friend Carissa has started a blog! For those of you who read my earlier blog about her story you can find updates from her blog as well. Please pray for Shane, Carissa, Kaitlyn and baby Avery. They need so much prayer right now.

Thanks to those of you who told me you are praying for her.