Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Both girls had a great Halloween! We Trick-or-Treated for 2 days so they got to wear their costumes twice! I think that was even better than the candy for them.

Regan was so sweet. She would just come and stand in front of me silently and say "I'm a butterfly, they don't make any noise."

Riley was HILARIOUS in her cat costume. She meowed and clawed around everywhere. When we were at the mall she got a gummy mouse at the candy store and called her chick-fil-a mouse nuggets.

Monday, October 20, 2008

One year later....

It was last October when I started this blog and I can't believe it's been a year! I really want to do a better job of updating for family and friends to keep up with the girls as they grow. I will make an effort to do better in this next year!

Both girls got new haircuts a couple of weeks ago and they are so proud. Regan cut at least 5 inches and Riley only got "a trim" which she insisted upon.

Since we are in Farmington to get our haircut we cannot pass up a chance to see Parker! He is so cute!

Last weekend the girls and I camped out in the back yard. (I did not force Jason to actually sleep outside since he had to get up and go to work.) They loved it and slept better than they do inside on a bed. However, I woke up at every noise, dog bark, tree rustle, and sort of gave up on a good night's sleep when the mattress deflated.

These pictures are all from this last weekend. We went to Branson on Friday night and spent that day and the next at Silver Dollar City. I tried really hard to get some cute pictures of the girls, but Riley is making extremely strange faces in every single picture. I gave up.

Yesterday was my birthday and we spent the day with my family. Thanks to all for my great birthday gifts!

Today we finally carved our jack-o-lanterns. This is one the girls favorite fall things we do. They love to take out the seeds and create their face. We then made pumkin soup and roasted our pumpkin seeds.

I am officially all caught up on my blog! Whew!

I am still having blog issues. I cannot see my pictures when I post them. They are all just script. I also cannot change my font. Does anyone know what I did?

Monday, September 15, 2008

So I'm a bad blogger

For some reason as I post this, my pictures are showing up as script!?!? Also I can't change the font or sizes or anything! So if this looks crazy, it's not my fault. I couldn't help posting this first picture...sorry Jason :)

Our fall schedule is in full swing. The girls started dance and they love it! These pictures are from their first day as they show their moves. My grandparents love to see the girls when they are dressed up for either gymanstics or dance so we had to stop by.

Daddy and Regan

I got my camera out today and took some pictures as the girls played outside. I love this weather!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Computer Savvy

Okay, so I said I would try a slide show of Vegas pictures but it didn't work and I haven't had time to sit down and upload all the pictures of both Vegas and the beach. (Beach pictures are on my facebook for anyone to see, but I will try to get some on here later.) So my computer skills are suffering since I haven't been in school or worked for over 4 years. However, my girls make up for it. Funny story...

A few nights ago the girls were eating dinner and I was walking back and forth from the kitchen to the table not really hearing their conversation. Then I hear Riley start yelling, "Spacebar! Spacebar!" over and over. I kind of listened but didn't get what she was saying. I thought she was yelling about the new Space Chimps movie or something. Finally, I noticed Regan was in the living room and I said, "Riley why are you yelling spacebar ?". She very expertly explained, " Mom, I am saying spacebar so Regan can jump!". I tried to hide my laughing.

The next week we were walking down the sidewalk to chuch and Riley stops and says, "Regan say arrow key so I can make it over this crack." So Regan yells, "Arrow key" every time she gets to a crack all the way to the door.

They obviously love the computer. When they start kindergarten next year I will have them help me do a slide show.........

Thursday, August 7, 2008

7, 4, 5, VEGAS!!!!!

Okay, so the title will make sense once I explain. Over the last 6 weeks or so there has been so much going on that I have A LOT to blog about. Also, I have spent ALL WEEK downloading and developing pictures so I feel "in order" enough to get my thoughts to make sense. I will put more pictures up soon ( hopefully tomorrow). We are leaving for our next vacation tomorrow so I am making myself sit down and do this so I am not even MORE behind! Here's to explaing that title.........

7: Jason and I celebrated our 7th anniversary last month. Yeah, we haven't killed each other! (it's been close) :)

4: Regan and Riley are 4! I know, I know...I am a terrible mom for not posting already! We had our first big party with friends and family at Jumpzone in Bentonville. The girls LOVED it! Jason and I got them a swimming pool which has been the best present ever! I even have a tan!! Whooo - hooo!

These pictures are the only ones I posted because I couldn't help it. I just thought they were sweet. I took these on the 4th at my sister's house as they watched fireworks.
Regan Paige

Riley Kate

5: Riley lost her 5th tooth! She also has one 6 year molar and almost has her first big girl tooth in on the bottom. Regan is very proud to say that she has no loose teeth or 6 year molars.

VEGAS!: We took our first family airplane flight and went to Vegas! The girls loved flying. I think I was more nervous that they would be afraid of the loud noises and stomach drops, etc. They were so excited that they never had any problems. We stayed in the Venetian which was huge and so pretty. We walked miles just to get from once place to the other and only left the hotel once just to say we saw the strip. We took a gondola ride inside our hotel and ate really good food. Food is pretty much my favorite thing about any trip. We went to see The Blue Man Group one night and I highly recommend it. It was entertaining, educational and kid friendly all in one!

I will try my best to post birthday and Vegas pictures before we leave tomorrow! I may even attempt a slide show.....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Fun

This is a lot of pictures, but I had to post them all. The girls have decided to make the linen closet their hideout. It's actually really funny. They get in together with their flashlights and close the door. Riley has not been in the mood to have her picture taken lately. That is why she is missing. (She just saw me typing this and said "Oh, I changed my mind. Remember I just wanted you to take my picture on another day?!?!")
My mom had a garage sale last week and Holly and I helped . As you can see the girls LOVE Parker. If she was allowed Regan would pick him up and carry him off.
Riley is very concerned that Parker is happy at all times. She loves to give him his "paci".
I love this picture of Parker! Whitney showed me how to make my camera change the colors to black and white. You can definitely see how much he has grown in 6 weeks! He looks more and more like his dad as he gets older.

The next two pictures require a little story. The girls love to "take care" of their babies. They have all the stuff that goes with every baby doll imaginable. I started letting them have real baby powder left over from when they were infants. It was just under a sink and not being used so I thought they would love it. They did, and were doing great only using a little bit on each baby. After I thought they were doing really well, I just left it in their room so they could play with it. Regan took full advatage.

She still has baby powder all over her.
We have also been having Beauty Shop in our living room where they put lotion on me, fix my hair, and give me massages. Obviously the massage is my favorite part!

Sunday we went to see Wall E. It was cute. The girls have been waiting so long for it to come out! Our church had fireworks that night and the girls loved it!
Riley was just happy she got sugar.
Parker. Cute as usual!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We've been busy!

This summer is flying by! We have been so busy that I can't believe it is already July! Last month, we took the girls on their first camping trip! I camped a lot when I was little, so I was really excited. The girls favorite thing was fishing with the boys. They reeled the fish in (I was too afraid that someone would lose an eyeball if they cast themselves!) and both of them actually held the fish to return it to the water.

Our next adventure was back to Branson with Jason's family. The girls love their cousin Ethan! We went to all the parks, Talking Rocks Cavern and Predator World. They fed the sharks, sting rays and sea turtles. At Silver Dollar City, Regan rode her first roller coaster. She has been wanting to the last 2 summers, but she was too short. Now I have no excuse for her not to ride. When she came off the first thing she said was, "Daddy, can I go again?" and she went 3 times in a row!
White Water was so fun! This year the girls were so brave and went down slides by themselves. You can see by their faces they loved it!

Only 11 days until they are 4!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mother's Day pictures

Since I finally have pictures of myself with the girls I figured it was worth going back and posting about Mother's Day. The girls were so excited to give me their card. They are starting to write me notes which is so cute. Riley will write all of our names like this DADMOMREGANRILEY. She writes "I lv mommy" which is my favorite.
Mommy and Regan
Mommy and Riley
The girls with GiGi (my mom)

Daddy's New Boat!

Jason"needed" a new here it is! He purchased this back in April, but with Parker on the way I hadn't posted about it!
We took the girls for their first boat ride and they loved it! We had to stop by Wal-Mart and pick out new life jackets. Barbie and Dora. They also brought their Barbie fishing poles which made the trip!

Riley casting...
Regan reeling...