Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Catching Up......

Well, Riley lost her 2nd tooth today. She has 4 other loose ones. She is just 3 yrs. 8 months (almost) and will have no teeth!
Jason celebrated his 29th birthday last month. The girls were so excited to get cupcakes and go to all his "parties" (out to eat). My little sis, Whitney also turned 21 (Woo-hooo!!!) last month. I forgot my camera that night :(.

This past weekend Nana and Papa came to visit! We went to Chuck E Cheese and to the Promenade. We tried to go swimming at their hotel, but none of the adults wanted to put on their bathing suits. Even though they could touch in the shallow end, they were very reluctant to swim. Very! I put Regan all the way in the water to show her she could touch and she freaked out. I felt bad that I scared her so I went over to talk with her and she said, "I need an angel to help me". I asked if whe wanted to pray and she said, "No, I just need it to put her kini (bikini) on and swim with me". I was trying so hard not to laugh because she was so worried her face was broken out in red splotches and she was hiccuping as she said this.