Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Last 5 Months

I know it's been forever....I will catch up as quickly as possible.

Halloween 2009

Christmas 2009


Sweet Regan

Spunky Riley

The last two pictures are the most recent. I have pictures and blogs I have thought of in my head, but just don't feel like spending the time getting it all together! My grandmother passed away in November a little unexpectedly. That was right before Thanksgiving and Christmas so our family was even more tired and busy. And finally after all the snow days, the girls are back in their school routine. I have worked today on uploading all my pictures off my camera so felt I should share what I have.

The best news is little Elle Louise High was born on February 4th. You HAVE to go look at her pictures. She so tiny and perfect.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yee Haw!

The girls still love school and we are getting our routines down. Getting up at 6AM is definitely new around here! I think I drink as much coffee as I did when I was nursing newborns. Whew! I am trying to spend my days decorating. I can't believe it has been 8 months since we moved here! I am finally getting around to getting the girls room together. Since they decided they wanted two separate beds I have a lot of work to do! Cute girls bedrooms are so hard to find! It's either baby or tacky. Seriously. If you know of a company that make stuff along the lines of pbteen or pottery barn kids let me know.

Anyway, last Friday was Cowboy Day in kindergarten. Yee Haw! Jason and I went up to see our little cowgirls on their trail ride. They were so excited to ride their stick horses around the school. My mother in law found these outfits at the Dixie Stampede and they were perfect. I was just glad Riley remembered we had them. Ha! She kept telling me she wanted to wear the shirt with the boots on the front and I had no idea what she was talking about. I accidentally found them while cleaning their playroom at the bottom of a large pile of dress up clothes. The playroom will need to be tackled after I finish their bedroom.

Before school

The girls were both so funny when they saw us in "their space". Regan would not even stop to say hello because she was in the school zone. It was so cute! Riley was the exact opposite eating up all the attention.

Love this picture of Regan and her Daddy!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Today was so fun! Both girls did so well and LOVED school! We took a few pictures before we left the house because I wasn't sure how crazy it would be once we got there.

Here they are walking in. I got a few butterflies as we got closer and closer. I was afraid if they acted worried or scared that it would make me sad! They didn't want any breakfast (poptarts, donuts, capri sun - I know, I know) so I think they were a little nervous too. But when we went inside they walked down the hall with teachers, put their backpacks away, and sat down to color.

I didn't even walk in with Riley because I had stuff to give to Regan's teacher. I was feeling guilty for going with one and not the other, but when I got to Riley's room she didn't even look up. I barely got pictures she was too busy.

Regan did great as well. When I picked her up she said, "That day at school was not that long!".

One thing that did make me happy - they told me they found each other at recess and ran from all the boys. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

Tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten! Both girls are SO excited. These pictures are from new student orientation and meet the teacher day. We did finally decide for them to be in separate classes. It was SO hard to make that decision. It was more sad for me than for the girls.

Loving Daddy

Girls and Mommy

I wanted to document this day since they were so cute with their backpacks and got to wear "regular" clothes. Tomorrow I will have uniform pictures (which is just as cute). We have already matched our fingernail polish and hair accessories to go with our collared shirts and "fast" shoes (Nikes).

I am not quite sure what I will do after I drop them off. I think it may take awhile to adjust to "free" time.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Girls!

Regan Paige, I can't believe you are five today! I am so proud of you. You have such a sweet spirit and an amazing imagination. You are a great big sister to Riley and helper for Mommy. Although you are quiet, you are such a deep thinker. You keep me on my toes with some tough questions. What a smart, amazing little girl you are!

Riley Kate, you are such a big girl! I can't believe you are five! You are the funniest and spunkiest little girl Mommy knows. You keep all of us laughing with your "silly shows", silly faces and just all around goofiness. You amaze me with your ability to learn any and everything! You make me so proud with your determination to learn more and more every day! You are so special to me!

I am so thankful I have two of the best girls around! They are best friends and just the sweetest girls! I am going to really miss them when school starts! (1 month, 5 days)They are really growing and becoming so independent. I am sad and proud all at the same time.

The pictures above are from Disney World. I uploaded them today and have 665 from 8 days! Whew! I was a little overwhelmed so I will have to organize them better before I get a Disney post on here. I should say IF I get a Disney post on here! Ha!

And, since the last blog was about Regan losing 2 teeth, I should let you know Riley lost her 6th (!) tooth in the Magic Kingdom. She lost her 5th in Vegas. We will have to plan a big trip soon since she is about to lose another one. I am thinking...Grand Cayman? That's next on the list. Jason?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Toothless in Arkansas

I can't keep up with all the teeth falling out around here! I didn't expect to be dealing with loose teeth so soon either. They won't even be 5 until July and between the two of them they have lost 7 teeth! Riley lost her first tooth at 3 years 2 months old (NOT an accident either!).She has already lost 5 teeth and has two permanent teeth in as well! Regan has always been proud that she has "none loose". However, this last week she showed me her loose teeth and I was shocked because her two bottom teeth were barely hanging in!

Sunday night at bedtime we were reading and her first tooth literally just fell onto her bed. Then tonight she was trying to eat and I hear her spitting something out and it's her second tooth! Yes, right in the middle of us eating. Oh, well.

So here are pictures from Monday and today. She is SO proud and calls it her "new smile".

Somehow the pictures are backwards and you get to see the tooth in the middle of the table first. Oops! That is green marker on the table as well. :)

Tonight, second tooth!

Monday, first tooth!

The tooth fairy now has to go find more quarters somewhere....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Don't you wish you were in our family?