Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back for more!

Those of you waiting on the edge of your seat......
All dressed up to face day #2
Regan was facinated. She loved her new baby cousin. On the way to the hospital she wanted me to ask Aunt BooBoo if she could spend the night with Parker. Can you imagine? Ha!
Riley said she didn't want to hold Parker. I remember that feeling when my little sisters were born (too young to remember Aaron). It's a little scary at first. But, I made her and she was amazed!
Parker and his FAVORITE Aunt
Okay, well I guess he will love Aunt DeeDee too


Kari Beth said...

AND...he will love his Aunt Kiki the best because she will monogram his name and/or initials on EVERYTHING!! Ha ha :)

Love the pic of Riley Kate and Parker...that is so cute! I remember not being very fond of my brother when we was born either. It was a very scary time for me (but it might have just been b/c I thought he looked like a monkey)!

The Holloway Family said...

Hello! I hope you don't mind that I'm commenting, but I found your blog while I was browsing through my friends' friends' (etc) and I had to comment! I used to work with Holly at Electric Beach and my husband was homeschooled with Jason (Mike was his b-ball coach). I am SOOO happy for the two of them. Parker is absolutely perfect. Please tell them congratulations from me!