Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We've been busy!

This summer is flying by! We have been so busy that I can't believe it is already July! Last month, we took the girls on their first camping trip! I camped a lot when I was little, so I was really excited. The girls favorite thing was fishing with the boys. They reeled the fish in (I was too afraid that someone would lose an eyeball if they cast themselves!) and both of them actually held the fish to return it to the water.

Our next adventure was back to Branson with Jason's family. The girls love their cousin Ethan! We went to all the parks, Talking Rocks Cavern and Predator World. They fed the sharks, sting rays and sea turtles. At Silver Dollar City, Regan rode her first roller coaster. She has been wanting to the last 2 summers, but she was too short. Now I have no excuse for her not to ride. When she came off the first thing she said was, "Daddy, can I go again?" and she went 3 times in a row!
White Water was so fun! This year the girls were so brave and went down slides by themselves. You can see by their faces they loved it!

Only 11 days until they are 4!

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