Monday, September 15, 2008

So I'm a bad blogger

For some reason as I post this, my pictures are showing up as script!?!? Also I can't change the font or sizes or anything! So if this looks crazy, it's not my fault. I couldn't help posting this first picture...sorry Jason :)

Our fall schedule is in full swing. The girls started dance and they love it! These pictures are from their first day as they show their moves. My grandparents love to see the girls when they are dressed up for either gymanstics or dance so we had to stop by.

Daddy and Regan

I got my camera out today and took some pictures as the girls played outside. I love this weather!


Aaron and Kari Beth said...

Great pictures!!! The girls look SO cute in their dance clothes!!

Kara said...

you are so beautiful my dear. haven't changed a bit. i love the one of the girls outside close up....sweet.

Kari Beth said...

I want the picture of the girls laying in the grass to frame at my house. Will you e-mail me the file so I can get it developed? Thank you!!!! E-mail it to