Thursday, February 7, 2008

Boys and their toys

As I have mentioned before, Jason is a HUGE duck hunter. Last weekend he bought a new layout blind. When we first started dating I had no idea what a duck blind even was. Now I have a freezer full of deer, geese, duck, pheasant, etc. The girls love daddy's hunting stuff. When we drive down the road our conversations usually go like this:
girls - hey look mom birds
me - uh huh
girls - is daddy gonna shoot them?
me - he might
girls - he needs to get his gun out and kill them
They also want their own duck call. I think they would love to hunt with Daddy until he shot his gun. Regan panics at the automatic flushing toilets so I think she may not like the gun so much. But, they got a fishing pole for Christmas and are ready for Daddy to take them soon!

This is Jason and our friend Jeremy (aka Dr. Bushy). Jeremy is probably as serious as Jason when it comes to hunting.

Aaron Jolliff's dog Hagen got in for the picture.

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