Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Days

Regan and Riley loved the snow. We waited and waited because the weather man kept saying the snow was coming. They were so excited! The first time we went out it was raining so I didn't get many pictures.
Any excuse to wear our new rain boots!

Later that night, Jason took them outside while I made dinner. They had so much fun because Daddy got out the snow sled! This year they were big enough to run and jump onto the sled and slide down our front yard.
I had them so bundled that Riley couldn't really walk that well and kept losing a shoe.

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GiGi and PaPa said...

Hey girls, love your boots!!! It needs to snow bunches so you can come over and play in the snow with GiGi, PaPa, Harry, Paco, and Punkin! Love you! Get well Riley Kate!!!!!!!!!! :-) GiGi