Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter 2008

Behind again....For those of you giving me a hard time (Holly and Kari), here are the new pictures.
The girls loved Easter. They both know the ENTIRE Easter story and really understood the point of Easter Sunday. We have the Resurrection eggs (see Wilson's Blog) and it helped them understand why we celebrate. As we drive now Regan will be looking up at the sky and say, "Jesus died so we could go to Heaven". They ask a lot of questions now about how to get to Heaven and then how to get back again.
One of us all together!
Pop and Susu with our family at Granite City.
My parents Papa Wray and Gigi with us as well.
I love this picture! Why are there no smiles in a picture with me?!?!?
Can you tell who she looks like? Hmmmmmm.....

Okay, so there were NO good pictures of me with the girls. It happens every holiday, birthday, etc. Jason never gets a good picture. EVER! I don't really have the time to notice before we leave. I also realized I didn't get a good picture of the girls by themselves in their dress. Oh, well.
Here's Aunt DeeDee leading the way on the Easter egg hunt.
In my family we still use the same Easter basket from when we were little. As we each get married my mom adds a new one to the bunch. Jason was so excited to that the Easter bunny still found his basket.


Kari Beth said... update! The girls look so cute in there Easter dresses :)

Whitney Dee said...

Aunt Dee Dee must be the coolest person EVER, especially if she wears outfits like that all the time.