Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back for More

This was from our family's first trip to the beach. She still strikes this pose daily! We can't get her to stop.

I guess she had to learn that pose somewhere. She is dressed up (another daily). Unfortunately I am not. I really wore those clothes.

Whitney was always with the animals. She would spend HOURS outside with the dogs, cats, rabbit, name it.

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! I have had this picture in my possession since it was taken 17 years ago. She is coming down the McDonald's slide at her 5th birthday party.

Don't know how old. But always had the curl on top!

I would constantly dress Whitney up and make her pose for photos. I am not really sure what is going on here, but she went right along with my plan.

Someday I will actually scan pictures. I am really looking forward to Mom's birthday next. I have found the BEST pictures from when we were little. Whitney, don't let mom hide any of the photos we found.

Today is the best lazy day ever. I am still in my pajamas and plan on doing nothing (except clean). Since the girls are all well (thank the LORD) I am planning on finishing the sweater I am knitting for my niece who is being born on Tuesday. I just wish I could stop snacking.


Whitney Dee said...

Who is this REALLY ATTRACTIVE person you keep blogging about? I want to be more like her...

davidcatherinewilson said...

Ha those are so fun! She has always been so cute! I remember her at a lot of those stages. Can't wait till your mom's birthday!

I too am sitting in my pj's being lazy and snacking. I need to clean, but am not.