Monday, May 11, 2009

Belated Birthdays

May is birthday month in our family! I decided instead of several posts I would just do one to cover them all. We start with Kari Beth, my sister in law whose birthday is the 3rd. Kari and Aaron are a perfect match and always hilarious! I am totally jealous of her ability to make the same clothes I would want to wear look WAY better.

Holly and Kari today at Mother's Day Celebration

Here are the girls with Kari at their wedding. The wedding was so fun and personal. And she had really cute flower girls. :)

Next comes my little brother Aaron whose birthday is the 5th. Aaron is so smart and talented. He is the only guy I know who can out shop all three of his sisters. Happy 28th little brother!

Next is Holly "the middle child". Ha! Her birthday is actually today. Holly is my style and decorating consultant. I am the non-artsy one in the family and I turn to her for help. By the picture below you can tell she has always had a love for accessories. She is always fun and positive to offset me. :)Holly is a great mom, sister, and constant source of entertainment.

This Tuesday (the 12th) is a VERY SPECIAL family birthday that will require its own post with many, many pictures. You will not want to miss the newest May birthday of the family. Please note: Kari, Holly and Whitney try not not have any future babies in May :)

Away from the birthday theme, I must congratulate the "baby" of the family for graduating from the U of A on Saturday! This fall she will start the MAT program 8 years after me! Yeah, Whitney!

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where's the awesome picture of holly and i and our bulging eyeballs!