Monday, August 17, 2009


Today was so fun! Both girls did so well and LOVED school! We took a few pictures before we left the house because I wasn't sure how crazy it would be once we got there.

Here they are walking in. I got a few butterflies as we got closer and closer. I was afraid if they acted worried or scared that it would make me sad! They didn't want any breakfast (poptarts, donuts, capri sun - I know, I know) so I think they were a little nervous too. But when we went inside they walked down the hall with teachers, put their backpacks away, and sat down to color.

I didn't even walk in with Riley because I had stuff to give to Regan's teacher. I was feeling guilty for going with one and not the other, but when I got to Riley's room she didn't even look up. I barely got pictures she was too busy.

Regan did great as well. When I picked her up she said, "That day at school was not that long!".

One thing that did make me happy - they told me they found each other at recess and ran from all the boys. :)


Whitney Dee said...

Yeay! These pictures are precious! And they found each other at recess-made me want to cry! So sweet. :)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness they are so precious!!!! Time flies WAY to fast Candice, seems like yesterday they were little babies! ;) So cute! I hear you are about to be an Aunt again! Congrats to Aaron and Kari Beth. I ran into her at WMT for the first time last week and she is sooooo sweet! She's making Avery a few things right now! ;)

Brian and Kelly said...

That is hilarious about the pop-tart, donut, capri sun thing.....I have done that before too, so I totally understand! Today was Logan's first day of school and all I had was pop tarts....but he didn't want them either! They are so adorable in their little uniforms....brings back memories!