Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Light the Night

After the Mall Friday night, we headed the the Fayetteville square for Light the Night on Saturday. The weather was great and the girls had so much fun! It was so pretty I think we may have to go back for a Christmas picture.
This is "posing". I am really not sure how to explain.

Regan was so excited about the ponies! She still loves cowboys and did not hesitate. She was so sweet petting her pony and asking what all their names were.

Riley was unsure at first, but jumped on as soon as Regan did. My dad was there to keep her in the saddle.

Here are GiGi and Papa after they finally turned on the lights.

I put this picture last since I have on no makeup and am glowing as white as the lights. If you can't tell, I think they are yelling "Santa Claus!" Also, if you wonder where Jason is for our exciting weekend, he is duck hunting. He is obsessed and not even his sinus infection will keep him from getting up at 3 am to sit in cold water.


davidcatherinewilson said...

Cute pics! You crack me up with that whole last paragraph stuff. Have you guys gone to Branson yet?

Kara said...

yay! glad you got a blog!! good to see you and your sweet family.