Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not washable

This is what Regan was doing yesterday when I was starting this blog. Ususally they use washable markers, but this is dry erase. They were doing "school" and when she finished her alphabet she went straight into make-up application. Regan is a very smart girl, but she has her priorities. If I can keep her listening and focused she can write her alphabet. I promise!
Now, Riley doesn't mess around. This picture is from over a month ago when she started writing her name. She can write her name, the alphabet, and can spell phonetically. She has known all her letter sounds for a long time and wants to know how everything is spelled, what it starts with.....etc. Regan's lack of focus gets on her nerves and she corrects her all the time. It's hilarious to listen to their "school" conversations.

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Bonnie said...

Candice! I found you from Catherine's blog! Your girls are ADORABLE!
From a kindergarten teacher... I am SO impressed with Riley's name and writing skills! What smart girls!