Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best Friends

Today as we made our way around the new Target (again), Regan asked me the sweetest question. She said, "Mommy, did God give you two babies in your tummy so we could be best friends?"

I pray every day that they will continue to be the best friends they are now. At 4 they are SO into playing and get along so well. Sometimes in the mornings they won't even come down until lunch! Except for today when I heard, "Hey Mom! I'm hungry and bring it up here!"

P.S. - The girls requested photos taken outside the new Target because when we were in Florida last summer they WOULD NOT let me take their picture at the new Target there and they wanted to make up for it! Then after I said I had my camera Riley told me to put in on the computer and send it to all the people I know. I am dead serious that they actually remembered and requested all of that. I haven't uploaded those but I was afraid to forget the sweet question Regan asked me and had to get it in writing! The target photo op is coming up. Don't miss it! Riley might have her feelings hurt if you miss out :( Ha!


Carissa said...

That is so cute! Those two ladies are so lucky to have each other. Hope to see you guys later today!

Ashley said...

Candice, that is precious!!!!!

Kari Beth said...

i've been looking for the "happy birthday mom" pictures all day yesterday and today! i can't wait...get them up!

Candice said...

We (Jason) decided to go to Branson for the weekend and so here we are! I will do it next week. I found some good ones!