Friday, March 6, 2009

Design Style

I took this design style quiz on Kari Beth's Blog. It's too funny because it really is my style:
I think I was 60% Contemporary, 30% Vintage Chic, and 10% Rustic Revival.


So fresh and clean! Antiques? No thanks! Vintage collections and clutter of any type? Not for you! You like your space new and sleek. Each piece is chosen carefully as though it were a piece of art, and your love of minimalism is expressed throughout each room. Furniture has clean lines and geometric shapes are preferred.

You're not afraid of color — in fact, bold color options only highlight the minimal items you choose for your home. But the key is clean. To master the minimalist interior you not only have to be selective in the few furniture items you bring into the space, you must also find a way to hide all of the real-life items as well.

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Kari Beth said...

wasn't this so fun!!!!