Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! Thanks for being a great dad and a fun Papa! We love you very much! My pictures are in a weird order but I am sure you will still enjoy. There is a mullet involved, has to be fun!

This is the mullet. It is a close up from the family pic below! Wow.

Family pic. 1982. I was 3 Aaron was 11 mos.

Familly pic 1987. Me 8, Aaron 6, Holly 4, Whit few months old

I am not sure of the years on all of these. We laughed so hard looking at pictures tonight and I got many threats from others about what I may do on their birthday. Like I mentioned before, I already found THE BEST pictures for my Mom's birthday. She's next!

We love you Papa Wray!
Please excuse my dirty children. I fixed their hair about 7 hours before this was taken and they had a popsicle, hamburger, chili, and chocolate cake. Still cute though!


Whitney Dee said...

I love love love! Can't wait for mom's birthday...I'm sure I can dig up some great ones for you!

Whitney Dee said...

well Can it looks like PaPa Wray might have to start his own little blog !

Ashley said...

Oh so sweet! Aren't dads special!?! Hope he enjoyed his wonderful Birthday and hope you and the girls and Jason are well! ;)