Friday, April 17, 2009

More of the same...

Just needed to finish Easter photos and add a little more to catch up!

Here are the girls ready to dye eggs! So excited!

Working hard...serious business.

Both of them were so proud! I didn't take pictures of the glitter eggs because they had run off as soon as they were done and I was cleaning up the glitter.

Easter morning in our Spongebob pajamas! The girls got 5 Easter baskets and lots and lots of goodies in each. Their favorite thing was hunting for eggs the Easter bunny had hidden throughout the house. They were running around screaming every time one of them found one. They were very cute! The night before we put an empty basket out for the Easter bunny to fill complete with the exact same eggs so that we could know that they each had the exact same things. Riley was concerned that she would find a pink one and Regan might not have a pink one..... and on and on.

Easter morning photo with Daddy. Okay, the pictures of me with the girls were so unflattering that I could not post them. I will keep them on the computer, but they are not for anyone else to see, ever.

Today at the mall the girls were just being silly and posing for the camera. They are both wearing their new headbands they picked out yesterday.

Parker was too busy eating his apple to pose, but he is still the cutest baby ever! And he loves his Aunt Coco!


Kari Beth said...

Dear girls, love the Sponge Bob pj's! I think Uncle Bubby needs a pair! What do you think? Love you :)

davidcatherinewilson said...

Ohh, I got to see some house inthe background :) Glad you guys had a good easter.

On your post below, we didn't stay in the park when we went but my sisiter just went and they loved their hotel that was inthe park. I'll have to ask her where they stayed. How fun! Can we go with you? I just love Disney. I wish we could afford to go twice a year!

Candice said...

Kari- Get Aaron some Sponge Bob footies for next Christmas!

Cat - I know I need to have you over! When Emily couldn't make it for Spring Break our plans just fell apart! We have been so busy lately and our house isn't really together at all! That's not really an excuse I guess because I know you won't care!