Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are you ready for....

Hannah Montana!!!!!

Well, I finally took the girls and it was so worth it! It was actually a very cute movie. I was pleasantly surprised. The show is a little much for me to handle so I thought the movie would be the same. I was wrong! When Regan had to go to the bathroom I talked her into waiting so I could find out if Hannah was really going to tell everyone she was Miley. Such drama! You may have to go see the movie to find out!

We sang all the songs out loud because only 5 other people there. Since we've had the soundtrack for a few weeks it made them so excited and they would say, "That's number 5!" or "It's Taylor Swift and it's called Crazier". So funny! Then we came home to the soundtrack blasted on the karaoke machine until 9PM. Breaks only for dinner and bath. Our empty room upstairs has been named the karaoke room since it's the only thing in the room right now. :)

The girls are continuing to chose their outfits quite well. I must say they look pretty darn cute in their Hannah shirts. The best thing is to see how COMPLETELY different their choices are when they are all ready to go. Riley insisted on the boots and braids. I will admit that at first she chose jeans and I suggested the skirt to show the boots off better. Regan also added the boogie board to her shoot just for a dramatic statement.

I took these pictures as we left for our girls day!


Brian and Kelly said...

They are so hilarious with their poses....that's just too cute! I actually want to see that movie....Logan said he would go with me....we don't have the cute outfits though!!

writing4612 said...

They're so cute!

I love the last pic. She's all Little Miss Attitude with that hand on her hip. :)