Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Planning for Disney

Jason and I are planning a trip to Disney World in June! Neither of us has been and it is a little overwhelming when you don't know what it is like! Anyone who has been please give us any tips about the best places to stay and eat. We are deciding between the Contemporary, Animal Kingdom or one of the value resorts if it's not worth the $$ to stay at a Deluxe. That's why we need your help. Other questions we have are about the dining plan. Did you do it? Which one and was it worth it? I called and talked to a Disney agent today and all we need to do is finalize where we are staying and which meal plan we want. So HELP US! Thanks!


Bishop Family said...

Stay INSIDE the Kindgom so you can have early entry. That is all of the advice I have. Never did a meal plan-

Candice said...

Thanks! Did you go with Carter?

Catherine said...

I actually used to work at Disney World, I did an internship there, so I know all things Disney! The Animal Kingdom Lodge is awesome! It's pretty pricey, but they have animals
"grazing" just outside your window. The monorail runs through the middle of The Contemp, so it's kind of noisy, but also great for transportation. The "value resorts" are glorified motels. There are always cheerleading squads or baseball teams staying there and you have to walk really far to get to the bus stops. Staying on Disney property is a definite, because of the free transportation, and you get extra magic hours that can be a huge help for cutting down times you wait in line. The best advice I can offer is this; go to the park in the morning, and a peak hours-when the park gets really busy and HOT, go back to the hotel and nap or lay by the pool, then go back to the park after. It will save loads of tears and you will get to enjoy the hotel you are spending so much on. Also, they have AWESOME outlet malls in Orlando. You can email me if you have more questions, I have LOADS of info! Catherinelewis1@gmail.com
Good luck!