Monday, April 6, 2009

Mom's Birthday (no old school, sorry Kari)

I haven't had a chance to get my "old school" pics of mom together. I have so many good ones and need time to get them together! But I don't want to get behind so here's the birthday post. Last Thursday we surprised mom by all showing up at the restaurant my dad was taking her to and then to Holly's for cupcakes. So Happy Birthday Mom. We all love you! Most people think our Mom is one of us sister's and someone actually asked me once if Regan was hers and Riley was mine! Hope it's genetic and I got the gene.

As you see above Parker is such a stud, always dressed well. Future best dressed of 2026. Watch Out!

I continue to let the girls dress themselves in whatever they come out their room with and here it is! Riley's birthday outfit consisted of 2 shirts, a skirt over a pair of pants. Regan is wearing her "fighting clothes". We play Zelda Wii around here and she is completely obsessed. She must always be dressed as Link (main character) in her green shirt, brown pants, and boots. She also has a sword she puts down the back of her shirt as her sheath and rides her stick horse around. As Holly always says, it totally fits.

This photo is what was happening when we were leaving Holly's house that night. Aaron licked the icing off of a cupcake so Holly smashed it in his face. We left as he chased her around.

I know it is shocking that I have posted twice in one day! Amazing! Since Jason decided we should go to Branson (Friday night at 6pm!) and Easter is right around the corner I knew I couldn't be behind.

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