Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thank You Nana and Papa!

We came home from dance today to find a package from Nana and Papa on the doorstep! The girls LOVED their Easter baskets. Thank You!

As I rambled about last night, we had our big day at kindergarten. The meeting went well and the girls seemed comfortable there. They said the questions were "easy" and they knew all the answers. Ha! I am just glad they talked. After their test was over they came into the principal's office with us and Riley wouldn't answer any of Mrs. Foley's questions. She had her feet up on the couch with a skirt on and rolled around in Jason's lap. I was so embarrassed. We talked about them being together or separated and I told her either way was okay because they don't depend on each other but also wouldn't keep each other from developing either. She won't place until August so I will pray until then.

On the way to our new school!

Regan posed in the kindergarten hallway for me. Riley,


Josh and Kate said...

I'm glad your girls will be at Shiloh next year! We had Peyton's K4 interview with Mrs. Foley last week. I was pretty nervous about how Peyton would do but he surprised me and did very well. I'm already nervous about the day I drop off Peyton for K4 in the fall. I can't imagine how you'll feel on the first day of Kindergarden! I'll be thinking about you.

Josh and Kacie said...

Your girls seem so happy and confident - and you seem like such a great Mom Candice! I already think about together or separate once school starts. I think you have a great perspective!

Ashley said...

Aren't grandparents the best?!?! How sweet is that! ;) The girls are beautiful and getting so big! Hope you all are well and have a great EASTER!