Monday, April 27, 2009

Singin' and Dancin'

Whew! Last week was crazy! I am a BIG homebody so not being home much just makes me tired! Sad, I know. Last Sunday night the girls sang with the FBC Springdale Children's Choir. They were so excited to be on stage and wanted everyone to watch them. This is the first year they participated in choir and they really enjoyed it.

I went and took pictures before they sang, but I don't have any of them actually singing. I had the video camera and just assumed the camera Jason had was OURS, but it was not so I have no singing pics. Oh well!

Daddy's girl.

Then last Friday was their dance recital! They were SO excited to wear makeup. They asked me all day if it was time for make up! It was so cute and a little scary at the same time. I have never put make up on them like this and they look so big!

The girls with their friend Macy. They have choir, dance and gymnastics with Macy and they just giggle the whole time they are together. It's very cute.

Flowers from Daddy for such a great job!


Bishop Family said...

So cute! I can't believe how big they have gotten- seems like yesterday I was visiting you in the hospital!

Whitney Dee said...

EXCUSE ME...NO PICTURES OF THEM ACTUALLY SINGING?! HELLO! (okay, so I haven't actually posted them...give me time)

Kara said...

i love the one of them dancing. beautiful girls. gave me chills.

davidcatherinewilson said...

The girls look so pretty in their make-up and costumes! They are so precious and grown up!

p.s. grainger said tonight, "can i ride my tricycle to regan and riley's house?" maybe he could and return your movies- i found them again last week, i'm so embarassed we still have them!